2016 Nissan Z Concept Release Date and Review

We are ever slightly getting closer and closer to the actual appearance of the 2016 Nissan Z vehicle. Till now we have only received rumors and updates on the development situation but nothing has been released from Nissan that actually tell us when the release date is going to arrive for certain. The concept model was revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show and after which we haven’t really been given any particular details about the seeing the production model.

2016 Nissan Z Concept
2016 Nissan Z Concept

The Nissan Z vehicle is a popular sports brand vehicle which is going to enter in its seventh generation of production with the newest car and it is already a popular brand among fans, but it has had some stints and release delays in the past, namely in 1990s, where we had a gap between the 300ZX and 350Z vehicles.

2016 Nissan Z Concept side view, alloy wheels

The initial assumption was that the production model was going to hit the market at the end of this year but we still haven’t received a new 2016 Nissan Z car, and as this is a 2016 model we might expect the release date to be scheduled for next year, which is a far more likely scenario. The 2016 Nissan Z concept model is based in the Infiniti Q50 model as it shares its chassis. It is a two door vehicle and of course the popular convertible option has also been confirmed. This review holds the currently known details about the concept model and some speculations on when we will be able to see the production car in action. Also keep in mind that the top ranking cars in this segment include models such as Jaguar F-Type, the Chevy Corvette and Porsche Cayman models.

2016 Nissan Z Concept white color, headlights

2016 Nissan Z concept exterior

There were quite a lot talks about the design of the exterior of the 2016 Nissan Z concept car and many people assumed that the car will go larger and more powerful. But as it seems and as it is based on the concept vehicle, this is an impossible effort. The car is currently using a chassis borrowed from the Infiniti Q50 which does not fit with the Z design in order to make it bigger. Instead the makers have decided to make it a mid-size sports car and have built the concept that way, which will no doubt be transferred to the production level car. The current FM platform supports the Z vehicle and the addition of aluminum alloy spread across the chassis accounts for the light weight of the car. The car is certainly going to be much stronger and faster which is going to bring it a larger popularity rating than before.

2016 Nissan Z Concept front
2016 Nissan Z Concept front

In terms of overall design, the 2016 Nissan Z is going to be a lot different than the previous model that was released. This goes for both the inside and the outside of the car. The look of the concept model has been made in the manner where elegance meets sportiness. The front end of the car has been restyled which also goes for the back part of the car. The new car is designed to look very speedy so from there we have the premise of the car getting a speed boost and upgrade in the performance department.

2016 Nissan Z Concept back
2016 Nissan Z Concept back


The 2016 Nissan Z is supposed to bring an adrenaline jump while being ridden and thus the interior has to be made to match that sort of an excitement that the car is able to offer. The vehicle is going to be largely refurbished on the inside but it won’t differ to much compared to the previous look. The inside is going to get amped up a bit and as there are no current specifications on what makes it on the inside of the Z vehicle, we can assume that it is going to be a mixture of sportiness and elegance. The car is aimed at a more youthful audience and as such is going to receive a lot of technological upgrades and some fine features.

2016 Nissan Z Concept interior
2016 Nissan Z Concept interior

Nissan wants its Z vehicle to be a contender in the sports market where it has to face a fierce competition which comprises of the latest Mustang release and the current Audi TT car. To make it much more competitive the car needs to be given a plush design on the inside which will update the car and make it desirable to all. We will have to wait for the release date to get nearer and see what will come of the inside and which additions will be made for this part of the car.

2016 Nissan Z Concept interior, steering wheel and dashboard


There were several assumptions on what the actual engine is going to be added to the 2016 Nissan Z production car. The 2016 Nissan Z concept is using a V6 3.0 liter turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection and the ability to gain a power of 350 horsepower. It is offered with a six-speed manual transmission with CV and there is also a seven-speed automatic transmission option available as well. There are some talks that this engine option does not make it to the production model, although being exactly what the Z car needs. Some rumors say that a .0 liter turbocharged engine inspired by the Mercedes vehicle with a  seven speed automatic transmission is a far better solution. This concept would enable the car to produce 210 horsepower and 260 pound – feet of torque. Whatever the solution at the end might be, the fact is that the car is lighter than before so it will not need a lot to power it and give it an extreme performance.

2016 Nissan Z Concept engine


Wheelbase: 100.4 in
Length: 167.5 in
Width: 72.6 in
Passenger volume: 52 ft³
Cargo volume: 7 ft³
Curb weight: 3308 lb
Top Speed: 157 mph
0-60: 5.1 sec
MPG: 18/26 (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: N/A
Towing Capacity: N/A lbs

Price and release date

As there are no certain details available about the release of the 2016 Nissan Z production model we can only study the concept and base our assumptions on that. The car will certainly be released by next year but the question still remains on when actually it is going to happen. Expect the release date to come at the end of next year. The car is going to be released in two forms and one of them is a convertible and it is going to be priced somewhere around $33,000, making it an affordable option when you compare it with the price of the competition.

2016 Nissan Z Concept release date