2016 Infiniti QX70 Release Date, Specs & Info

2016 Infiniti QX70 Release Date, MSRP Price, Review, Specs, Interior – Despite the level of competition one gets in the luxury crossover segment, the Infiniti QX70 manages to stand right there along the top designs with its stylish design and workable amenities. The 2016 Infiniti QX70 is going to be a great addition to the ever-growing and ever-expanding luxury car market and promises to deliver great specs to the fans. What the greatest advantage of this vehicle is the ability to combine the SUV characteristics with sporty looks and make them function together.

2016 Infiniti QX70
2016 Infiniti QX70

If you do not mind sacrificing some utility for a bit more driving excitement, then the QX70 is going to be a good choice for you. With the updated engine capacity of the vehicle and an abundance of accessories added on the inside, the upgrade of this vehicle is a very appropriate one. It makes the last year model feel like it can easily become redundant. But the highest flaw is the reduced cargo area which now offers less space than before, so if you are willing to put up with this choose the QX70.

2016 Infiniti QX70 front angle, grille and headlights

The car is going to be available very soon as the released date is something that is currently discussed and will be available soon, but nevertheless it does not undermine the ability of the vehicle whenever it becomes available. Thinking about the competing will not get you so far, which holds cars like Porsche Cayenne and BMW X5, as this model manages to hold its own against them. Look at the offered pictures and you will see that not much has changed with the appearance but a lot of things on the inside have, so read on the review to see exactly what is new for the 2016 QX70 car.

2016 Infiniti QX70 rear view, taillights and tailpipe

2016 Infiniti QX70 exterior

The car is going to carryover much of its exterior as the 2016 Infiniti QX70 will mostly look the same as before, minus a few tweaks here and there. The vehicle still looks beautiful and very attractive and it owes that to its sporty curves that have been added to the car. It is still much an SUV but a more handsome looking SUV as it does not hold many traditional styling cues that come with that sort of a design for a vehicle. The car is offered as a single trim level this time and it will be good for carrying 5 passengers at the same time. There are going to be many nice looking standard equipment accessories, like the 18-inch alloy wheels, new automatic bi-xenon headlights and fog lights as well, a liftgate and a sunroof.

2016 Infiniti QX70 front
2016 Infiniti QX70 front

But if you decide to opt for some of the provided packages you may get to add so much more. The Premium Package adds the aluminum roof rails for a much better use and enhances the safety of the car with various additions but mainly concentrates on upgrading the inside. Deluxe Touring package actually upgrades the aforementioned package with 20-inch wheels and a variety of driving details inside. The Technology package will provide you with adaptive xenon headlights and automatic wipers while the Sport package is added independently from other packages and includes 21-inch wheels, a dark-tinted exterior trim, adaptive xenon headlights and many things more.

2016 Infiniti QX70 back
2016 Infiniti QX70 back


Maybe there was a larger emphasis on the performance with this upgrade, but the interior of the 2016 Infiniti QX70 does not fail to impress. It has been redesigned with a stylish looking inside which adds some high quality materials and very soft leather upholstery and combines them with genuine wood and brushed metal trim. The technological upgrades are astounding as the vehicle has so much to offer. It starts with a 360-degree camera system which combines the imagery made from the various cameras around the car and gives you a single image of the surrounding of the car thus proving you with the needed input and the circumstances the car can be in. With a intuitive touchscreen interface that controls much of the interior controls it makes it easier to use and gain information about the car that way.

2016 Infiniti QX70 interior
2016 Infiniti QX70 interior

The standard seats are already good enough to offer all-day comfort while the power-adjustable side bolsters come optionally added through the given packages and provide a much more comfortable driving experience like that. The back seats feel a little cramped as the provided space is less than before. It is best suitable for kids or smaller adults while taller people might feel uncomfortable. The same is with the cargo bay as it has only 25 cubic feet of space. These two characteristics are perhaps the only part of the vehicle we are not too happy about as other midsize competitors offer more space like this.

2016 Infiniti QX70 leather seats, steering wheel and gear shift knob


As the focus was mainly to offer better driving performance of the 2016 Infiniti QX70, the engine that will provide that is going to be the 3.7-liter V6. It puts out 325 horsepower and 267 pound-feet of torque and it does so with a seven-speed automatic and a manual shift feature which also makes it the only transmission offer. The car also comes with a rear-wheel drive as standard while the AWD is provided by choice. The car actually has a fairly quicker acceleration rate for an SUV as it makes 0-60 mph in 6.2 seconds. With eh AWD, the towing rate of the car grows to 2,000 pounds and surpasses many of the competitors in that way. Finally, the EPA specs gives us an output of  19 mpg combined (17 city/24 highway) for the RWD and  18 mpg combined (16/22) for AWD.

2016 Infiniti QX70 engine


Wheelbase: 113.6 in
Length: 191.3 in
Width: 75.9 in
Passenger volume: 103 cu ft
Cargo volume: 25 cu ft
Curb weight: 4400 lb
Top Speed: 142 mph
0-60: 6.2 sec
MPG: 16-17/22-24 mpg (city/highway)
Available Exterior Colors: Black Obsidian, Graphite Shadow,Iridium Blue, Liquid Platinum, Malbec Black, Midnight Mocha, Moonlight White…
Towing Capacity: 2,000 lbs

Price and release date

The car has been given a price of 48,295 USD as a base MSRP and is fairly pricy by some standards but not if you consider the fact that it is an SUV and a luxury one with a large assortment of amenities. The car is going to be available as off next year certainly but the release date has not been set yet but we expect the 2016 Infiniti QX70 to be out by mid-season.

2016 Infiniti QX70 exterior, silver color