2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks – Release Date and Info

2016 Ford F-650, 750 SD Release Date, Diesel, Price, Engine – Ford has always managed to offer a true medium duty commercial truck and it will continue to do so in the 2016 with the releases of its new Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks now. How Ford managed to do this in the previous period was to incorporate it with a few joint ventures but now all of that has been left behind and Ford is going to try and make it in a whole different way. For the last 35 years Ford has managed to produce a duty truck with the F-600, F-700, and F-800 models appearing in the 1980s, let’s see how the new versions that come to substituted the old ones fair.

2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks
2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks

The new F-650 and F-750 and all Ford cars thoroughin and throughout, even down to the powertrain particularly considering the new diesel options given at present. Ford has also made a much more quieter cab available which is done with the incorporation of Power Stroke’s quieter operation. Its warranty will more than certainly upgrade the truck’s position in the industry now.

2016 Ford F-650750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks white color, front view

Besides the powertrain the truck will come with a much needed and a more than useful exterior change which means adding some styling cues that were seen in the F-250 and F-550 Super Duty trucks. There are some rumors that Navistar International, Ford’s former partner is this segment, is reentering the industry with a partnership with General Motors. This means that Ford has managed to jump back into the mix with these new releases in order to keep its hold on the medium duty truck industry.

2016 Ford F-650 750 SD diesel semi-trucks side angle, alloy wheels

2016 Ford F-650 and Ford F-750 exterior

The design of the 2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 trucks has been based on the looks of the Ford E-Series Econoline vans that were discontinued in 2008. This is most apparent form the design of the grille as a completely same one is used here and has only been placed on the updated hood and fender on the front side of the tucks. The headlights are also the same from the E-Series, as if Ford had a whole bunch of leftover parts from the batch when deigning the Econoloine so they decided to put them to good use here. But it is not all made from “used parts” of the Econoline as there are some new and unique features to the trucks as well. The hood is borrowed from the lightweight Super Duty assembly line while the entire structure of the trucks, including the doors, windshields and the roof, are all borrowed from the F-250 design. There is a specially added side grille which pays homage to the designs of the F levels, which are seen from the F-250 to the F-550 cars.

2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks front
2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks front

But the similarities between the F-250 and F-550 compared to the much stronger and bigger F-650 and F-750 stop there. The body frame of the F-650 and F-750 is much bigger and stronger and comes with huge wheels and massive tires to boot. The fuel tank is set just below the door and looks like the one in a big-rig truck. The product version is going to features only the chassis cab, which means that it does not come with an exactly set except the cab and the frame with the drivetrain of course.  You can add the necessary components to the cab based on what you need the trucks for in the first place.

2016 Ford F-650 750 SD diesel semi-trucks orange color, side angle, alloy wheels


The inside of the 2016 Ford F-650 and F-750 Super duty trucks is the same and standard to the non-commercial ones. This means that the people who decide to use this vehicle for any kind of work will have no problems settling down and managing as they are facing some familiar grounds that way. If you are used to the setup that Ford has placed in their trucks you will have no trouble to find your way around the cabin of a F-650 or an F-750. But the only difference here is the gadgets and the high level of comfortless.

2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks interior
2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks interior

As this is not a personal truck but a working one, it does not come with a MyFord Touch system, the leather seating nor the wood-grain trim panels. The things that you get are the vinyl seats, old-school crank windows and an AM/FM radio for entertainment.

2016 Ford F-650 750 SD diesel semi-trucks interior, leather seats and back seats


What the biggest news for the Ford’s F-650 and F-750 trucks is the added 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbodiesel by Ford. This is the same engine design found in the Super Duty lineup but with tweaked up characteristics and performance features. The truck are now able to make 400 horsepower and 860 pound-feet of torque, in their commercial form which is necessary this way to keep the life span of the trucks. But the other ones can make a maximum output of 330 horsepower and 725 pound-feet of torque. There is also an option of using the old-school 6.8-liter V-10 gasser engine which makes 320 horsepower and 460 pound-feet of torque but maintaining to maintain the trucks ability as a medium-duty commercial truck. The manual transmission option is being excluded now and it its stead comes the TorqShift six-speed automatic gearbox which is assumed as a much better option for any kind of work.

2016 Ford F-650 750 SD diesel semi-trucks engine

Price and release date

There have yet to be exact indications on what the price is going to be but there is a good chance that the vehicles are going to retain the numbers from before. That means that the 2016 Ford F-650 is going to be priced somewhere around  $55,595, while the 2016 Ford F-750 goes up to $70,000. This of course does not include the additions that you can add to the back of the truck for the use that you need it. The release date is going to be in the beginning of next year.

2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks release date
2016 Ford F-650/750 SD Diesel Semi-Trucks release date