2016 Ford Bronco Release Date, Review and Specs

2016 Ford Bronco Release Date, Price, Interior, Pictures – Finally rumours are paying off after having to wait in the cold for nearly two decades, some of the previous speculations have been overruled such as the Early Bronco Concept that fooled people’s minds back in 2014. The full size Bronco faded away after the popular 1996 model year and was never to be seen again, not until now when rumours have been corroborated by facts.

2016 Ford Bronco 
2016 Ford Bronco

This vehicle became a household item due to its spectacular on-road and off-road manoeuvrability. Now that the new 2016 Ford Bronco is almost being released, fans and potential buyers now have a reason to wear that smiley face again.

The new Bronco will be based on Ford Atlas Concept which was unveiled to the public a while ago. Rumours have it that it will come riding on the Ford Atlas concept as already mentioned, which isn’t a peculiar thing since the layout has enjoyed massive successes in other brands.

2016 Ford Bronco front angle, exterior, gray color, headlights and grille

Although people differ on what cemented Ford Bronco in the history books, it is our unilateral opinion here at All About Cars that it is the Twin Traction Beam fitted ’80-96 Ford Bronco that outwitted the ’78-79 Ford Bronco breed.

2016 Ford Bronco side view, exterior, silver color, alloy wheels

Undoubtedly, the full-size Bronco was indeed the greatest Sports Utility Vehicle of all time that was able to outsmart its rivals on many fronts, so it would only be natural if Blue Oval brought the SUV masterpiece back again, which according to our stats is definitely happening.

Exterior Photos – 2016 Ford Bronco

The most obvious feature of the new vehicle’s exterior is its assertive and bullish stance that you can’t possibly mistake with any other vehicle. The vehicle is rumoured to keep some of the features that are predominantly in the F-150 sibling.

2016 Ford Bronco  front
2016 Ford Bronco front

Up front, we should expect a gigantic grille that portrays an assertive appearance as is the usual case with SVT Raptors. With such a kind of imposing attitude, the SUV model will undoubtedly give an outward perception of stability and firm posture.

2016 Ford Bronco  back
2016 Ford Bronco  back

Moving on, the headlights and fog lights at the front, and taillights at the back will all come with LED infused technology. This feature will definitely offer drivers a better visibility especially during extreme weather conditions and at night. The forthcoming new Bronco will certainly be the Sports Utility Vehicle of the modern era given the modern design and state-of-the-art body physique.

Interior of the New Ford Bronco 2016

The new Ford Bronco for the 2016 year assuredly come with some of the most technological advanced features of modern times which will prove a necessity in order to combat the existing rivalry in the crossover segment.

The vehicle will now get a new dashboard at the centre console that will be synonymous with modern design considering that the vehicle was produced almost two decades ago. The refreshed dashboard will certainly be driver-centric for easier access to controls and the infotainment system. 2016 Ford Bronco interior, steering wheel, dashboard and lcd screen

Sitting conspicuously at the centre console will be the SAT-NAV/information system touchscreen that will certainly be the centre of attention to both the driver and the passengers. Additionally, this modern vehicle will also offer some of the most coveted interior materials which include an optional leather upholstery and metal/wood scented cabin trims.

2016 Ford Bronco interior, leather front and rear seats

The new vehicle will also come with a roomy cabin geared towards giving passengers adequate head and leg room thanks to increased dimensions that will see the cargo volume increase slightly. It will also be comfortable enough to accommodate a maximum of up to 5 passengers. Moreover, it will be a two-door Sports Utility Vehicle with the 4 door version coming in as an option.

Ford Bronco 2016 Engine Specs

What lies beneath the hood of the new vehicle is still classified as mysterious as no details have been released regarding the engine type as well as the specs it will pack. In spite of this, we have prepared for you the most probable outcome that has been suggested by industry pundits.

2016 Ford Bronco engine

A 4.7L 6 cylinder engine is very probably considering the output requirements of such a massive vehicle, it will be able to crank out 330 horsepower and 645 lbs. of torque. The other engine option is a 5.0L displacement capacity powerplant with an 8-cylinder coyote gasoline engine.

With the petrol engine comes a generation of 420 horsepower and about 460 pounds of torque as the speculative power output. This powerplant will come as the standard engine in the base version and will certainly have a favourable fuel economy rating and top performance too.

2016 Ford Bronco inerior, engine

The other option is a 5.8L powertrain with an 8-cylinder supercharger powerunit that will yield 662 horsepower and 631 lbs. of torque. These engines will come paired to a 6R 140, six-speed auto transmission system. As for the top of the range trims, expect a ZT-6, 6-speed manual transmission.

Presently, no word about the EPA ratings has been announced but we expect the engines to come with a likeable fuel consumption regardless of the drive system.

2016 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

That said, the vehicle might hit the market either towards the fall of this year or early next year. The pricing details have also been shelved at the moment as it is too early to speculate, however, given our successful predictions we have had in the past you should expect the base MSRP of this vehicle to be somewhere around $30,565.

2016 Ford Bronco  release date
2016 Ford Bronco  release date

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