2016 BMW X3 Release Date, Review and Specs

2016 BMW X3 Release Date, MSRP, MPG, Review, Interior – The newest addition to the BMW roster, the 2016 X3 vehicle, is car that does not included the expected rugged features. It is actually a car which is much more technologically savvy and a sportier variant to everything that you have expected from this brand. BMW has come up with a fuel-efficient vehicle crossover that will dazzle us with its style and come with the contemporary technology to make us content and happy all the way.

2016 BMW X3
2016 BMW X3

The new BMW X3 includes a great update, one which makes it stand strong in the crossover vehicle market. With a combination of an exceptionally good looking style, a number of safety features and technological updates, and driving experience with is not only fun but also offers much more fuel efficiency than before, one cannot do but to love this car. It is particularly good as a family vehicle and can help you do with tall of your daily strides that you have planned.

2016 BMW X3 side view, alloy wheels

Mostly of the people have expected to see a car with more rugged features and a more outdoor looking car. Yet the X3 has decided to adopt the features of a 3 Series car more and will be sportier, leaner more beautiful and will even add more passenger space and comfort inside. The update looks better than ever and you can see from the added pictures how well it looks. The newly released photos go with the review and you can find out the needed specs and price range here.

2016 BMW X3 trunk

2016 BMW X3 exterior

So as we said, the 2016 BMW X3 does not look that much bold or rugged as many vehicles in its class. Instead it makes due with a tall and upscale look. The car manages to keep the proportion lines of an utility vehicle but also manages to get away with the use of some features seen in the BMW X5 one. But it adapts by using the large-scale look of the X5 without any awkwardness and uses them nicely to balance the newly added features here. Last year saw the inclusion of some parts that are making a comeback this time. They are not only carried over but adapted perfectly with the added characteristics the car has. The kidney grille and the rounded circular headlights are all making a comeback Also you have the use of LED technology in the headlamps and some integrated turn-signal lamps to the side mirrors.

2016 BMW X3 front
2016 BMW X3 front

Maybe these inclusions are something that is only aesthetically changing the look of the car without any proper use. But it is a very handsome looking design nevertheless. The car also uses some new creases to the body frame. The nose has not been set too height nor is it too blunt, but actually has a more chiseled look that adapts well with the lower beltline. Visually it is much more appealing and usefully adopted. At the back the taillights are borrowed form the 3 Series.

2016 BMW X3 back
2016 BMW X3 back


The inside is more functional than it was actually expected form the car of actually being. The new 2016 BMW X3 has adopted some useful and soft surfaces and combines them with the upgraded technology to get a prime look to the car. The design of the dash is going to be familiar to those who have drove a BMW vehicle of recently. It is adapted to the styling of the dash that directs the angels to the driver and makes their use a lot greater that way. It adopts a more SUV-like look actually and makes the driver orientated interior a lot easier for the people behind the wheel. Additionally, the entire part of the car is engraved with soft touch surfaces from start to end.

2016 BMW X3 interior
2016 BMW X3 interior

The newest X3 vehicles have all included a bit more chrome to the inside and with more brightwork. This time it combines with a high-gloss black trim. Maybe the toned down design that came before were preferred more in terms of overdoing it too much, but the recent inside actually makes good use of the added elements. Combining the driver-orientated cockpit with an elegant and calming interior makes the X3 much warmer looking and pleasant on the inside.

2016 BMW X3 interior, dashboard and leather seats


The good news indie the hood is that the X3 will continue with an all turbocharged engine lineup as well for the 2016 model year. The new TwinPower four-cylinder makes 40 hp and 260 lb-ft and makes the use of a V-6 engine unnecessary, but it also comes without an all-wheel drive option as well. The 2.0-liter TwinPower turbocharged diesel four-cylinder is present in the xDrive28d models and has the capacity of making 180 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. It can enable the car to hit the 60 mph mark under eight seconds and provides an EPA rating of 27 mpg city, 34 highway. The xDrive35i versions get a TwinPower six that produces 300-hp, 300 lb-ft. It produces a 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 150 mph.

2016 BMW X3 engine


Wheelbase: 9 ft. 2.6 in. (110.6 in.)
Length: 15 ft. 3.4 in. (183.4 in.)
Width: 6 ft. 2.1 in. (74.1 in.)
Passenger volume: N/A
Cargo volume: 27.6 cu.ft.
Curb weight: 4030 lbs.
Top Speed: 127 mph
0-60: 5.3 sec
MPG: 27/34 mpg
Available Exterior Colors: Alpine White, Black Sapphire Metallic, Carbon Black Metallic, Deep Sea Blue Metallic, Glacier Silver Metallic, Jet Black, Melbourne Red Metallic, Mineral Silver Metallic, Mineral White Metallic, Space Gray Metallic, Sparkling Brown Metallic…
Towing Capacity: N/A

Price and release date

The new and improved version of the BMW X3 car some next year. As it is offered as a 2016 model it is going to come somewhere by mid-year and it is going to be production ready and available for sale. The price is set as well and you can be able to get the new car for the base price of 38,950 USD base MSRP. The highest you can get this car for is 46,800 USD for the highest level trim.

The models in the segment that you also have to watch out for are certainly the Lexus RX, Porsche Macan and Audi Q5.

2016 BMW X3 exterior, red color